Remixing Hyperpublic: Two Video Mash-Ups

As I announced in a previous entry from this blog, at the Youth and Media (YAM) lab we were working on the creation of a remix version of the 12 video-interviews we had with the participants of the Hyperpublic symposium. Although this work took us longer than expected, finally we completed two video mash-ups that are a combination of the interviewees’ voices and a montage of different Public Domain and Creative Commons licensed photographs, videos, and songs we found on the internet.

The first video mash-up focuses on the symposium itself and highlights the different perspectives on the topics of public space and privacy that met during Hyperpublic 2011.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

The other combines reflections on the challenges that the digital networked environment has created and will create for society, people, and the boundaries between the public and the private.

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The process of creating these two video mash-ups allowed us at the YAM lab to practice important skills for content creators such as appropriation and evaluation of information. After selecting, cutting, and sequencing sentences from the interviews, we proceeded to find songs, photographs, and videos that could be remixed with the different voices, working not only as illustrations of the main ideas but also as rhythmic aids. A crucial part of this process involved the searching and evaluation of audiovisual material with Public Domain and Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA and CC BY-SA) licenses that could be re-contextualized legally. From amateur photographs to electronic music, videos, and animations, we found lots of material that was public and available to be re-appropiated.

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