Social Tools


We’ll use tags to help find photos, blog posts and more created by conference attendees. The universal tag is #hyperpublic.


The main conference wiki is a centralized site where you can add resources, links to articles and papers, connect with other conference attendees, and post notes from conference sessions.


Use the hashtag #hyperpublicsymp to tag your tweets about the symposium. See the feed of everyone’s hashtagged tweets at!/search/hyperpublicsymp. Follow the Berkman Center’s Twitter feed for updates.

Facebook Group

The Facebook event group is open to anyone. If you’re on Facebook, you can meet other conference attendees on our group event page. Become a fan of the Berkman Center.

Berkman Question Tool

The Question Tool is used to ask questions during an event. Everyone can vote individual questions up or down and comment on existing questions, helping enhance the dialogue and letting moderators know which questions are most interesting to attendees.


IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. For Hyper-public, we’ll be using IRC to create a Berkman chat channel. To join the chat, download an IRC client and join the Berkman channel at Freenode, linked below. If you use Firefox, an easy IRC client plugin is Chatzilla.

YouTube Channel

On Berkman’s YouTube channel, you can catch highlights of past events, interviews, and other Berkman media.