Thank You!

We want to express our thanks to all those who attended “Hyper-Public: A Symposium on Designing Privacy and Public Space in the Connected World” at Harvard University on June 9-10th. It was a pleasure meeting and engaging with such a dynamic and distinguished group of people. Your presence and participation contributed enormously to to the conversation around the many questions related to privacy, design, architecture, law, and so many other disciplines that arose during the event.

We invite you to continue that conversation by posting resources, articles, interesting reads, and other materials on the symposium wiki.

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing videos, audio, visualizations, and other outputs from the symposium, the first batch of which can be found on the Berkman Center’s website.

We would encourage you to subscribe to our RSS feeds , weekly events / digital media newsletter, or Twitter feed so that you can be notified when videos and more materials are uploaded. If you blogged about the conference or took notes, we would invite you to share links with us.

Your feedback on the substance, logistics, and setup, and any other comments on the symposium would be welcome.

Thank you again for joining us, and we look forward to continuing the conversation around #hyperpublic.

The Berkman Center Team

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